Hi, I'm Anna León Juvanteny Born in Arenys de Munt (Barcelona, Spain) and after lived in Málaga City during 8 years, now I'm living a dream in London.

Why I created this blog: I'm obsessed with blogging since my 14 years old. Since that this blog saw all my experiences and lived a lot of changes but it's like my diary to express myself, share my experiences, my favorite places, my favorite food and everything that makes me feel good every day.

About me: I'm Graphic and Web Designer and I really love my job. Also I enjoy little things like sweet food, sew my own clothes, the Japanese Culture, the long walks and take pictures of every place I see. I know my bad taste for the cinema but I really enjoy the bad movies and the good music. That's me.

Content Usage: All content and images featured on this blog are made by me (Anna León) or shared by my friends. If you would like to reproduce any of my content, please contact me.